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     Caiman crocodilus

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    MessageSujet: Caiman crocodilus   Ven 24 Juin - 11:13

    Caiman crocodilus

    Class: Reptiles.

    Subclass: archosaurs.

    Order: Crocodilia.

    Family: Alligaroridés.

    Genre: Cayman

    Species: Crocodylus.

    Common Name: Spectacled Caiman, Caiman common.

    Scientific Name: Caiman crocodilus.

    Species listed in Appendix 2 of CITES.
    dangerous species in the sense of
    the decree of November 21, 1997

    Distribution: From southern Mexico to northern Argentina.

    Biotope: Wetlands, mangroves, rivers of the rain forest, flooded savannas ...

    Biology: Semi-aquatic.

    Behavior: Diurnal, crepuscular.

    Reproduction: oviparous, from 30 to 40 eggs.

    Size: 1.70 to 2.60 m.

    5 pre-maxillary, maxillary 13-14, 18-20 mandible.

    The Caiman crocodilus is subject to Appendix 2 of CITES. Which means it must have a paper called CITES indicating numbers and letters and if he was born in captivity in the EEC must have a certificate of transfer. These documents prove its origin and legality. Do not buy this species without these papers.

    Morphological data:
    The spectacled caiman is not very large, between 1.20 to 2.60 meters maximum known. The average size of 1.80 meters. Its growth is very fast. A short head is equipped with protruding eyes connected by a bony crest that looks like clear glasses. The back is greenish brown, gray or reddish with dark spots. The belly is clear.

    The caiman spectacled caiman crocodilus and is native to South America, Mexico, Paraguay, except on the Pacific rim of South America.

    Fast and lively, it is equally at home on land and in water.

    Choice of animal:
    Firstly it is imperative to realize that this crocodile, however small, is an animal intended for experienced herpetologists. This is not a pet.
    In addition, this animal once abundant in some areas, has disappeared from some areas. There are counter caimans spectacled in many countries including France for the capability. So it is best to reconsider such a purchase, and set up a breeding to stop the catch in South America.
    Also, all species of caimans are protected by the Washington Convention.

    Social behavior:
    Despite a certain docility spectacled caimans, do not forget that it takes its prey by a rapid movement is one of the moments where he can show signs of aggression.

    The terrarium should be solid. At first, it is possible to place the young in an aquarium in which half of the surface is ground and the other aquatic. But this terrarium is precarious because while growing up, the walls are not strong enough to contain the animal.
    Thereafter, it will consider imposing a terrarium, tight and solid. We can offer a terrarium wood laminate with a thickness of at least 3 cm, with a glass of a minimum thickness of 1 cm. It must be sealed with gun attached to the bathroom. The ceiling of the terrarium will be high enough.
    We can also provide a safer terrarium, made of concrete and sealed with a painting of food and a coat of paint to seal. It has 3 sides concrete and part glass. The ceiling will also be concrete or if you have the opportunity, will equal the height of the room.

    The terrarium should be divided into two parts (land and water) of the same area. Concrete in a terrarium, it seems more practical to provide a pool house to the ground. For convenience, it is possible to raise the terrarium to provide a system of drainage in the basin. You can also have the tiled floor of the terrarium.
    The terrarium should be lit with a simple neon, heated by one or two heat lamps. It is also possible to create a more informed point with a UVB bulb. You can have branches and stones.
    The water temperature should be between 27 and 28 ° C

    The caiman bezel on a diet varied:
    - Fish
    - Crustaceans,
    - Amphibians
    - Various birds,
    - Mammals.
    - Red meat from time to time
    The food is administered with pliers to avoid injury and must be moistened beforehand. It must be presented on the sides of the muzzle.
    The frequency of daily meal during the first year and then gradually three times a week. Once a week, the food will be supplemented with vitamins and calcium.

    Age of breeding:
    The Caiman crocodilus breed from the age of 7.
    Laying and incubation:
    The caiman crocodilus lays between 30 and 70 eggs. Incubation is about 10 to 12 weeks, the young are about 20 centimeters to the outbreak.

    Young people make sounds.
    They eat insects, snails, boiled eggs, young rodents, tadpoles, fish, meat or beef heart, liver. They should be fed every day the first year.
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    Caiman crocodilus
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