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 Lampropeltis PYROMELANA

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Date d'inscription : 14/06/2011
Age : 35
Localisation : france

MessageSujet: Lampropeltis PYROMELANA   Lun 27 Juin - 9:18

Lampropeltis pyromelana

Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana

Family: Colubridae
Genre: Lampropeltis.
Species: pyromelana.
Three subspecies: infralabialis, pyromelana and Knobloch.


Central and southeastern Arizona to northern Mexico.

It is found in the highlands between 800 and 2500 meters. It lives in pine forests. Active from April to November.

It's a snake ringed with red, black and white red and white rings of similar size, black bands are very thin, tapering to the sides and sometimes do not turn over the body. The head is white, a black macule head around the eyes and widens at the top of the skull. There are from 28 to 80 bands depending on the origin of the specimen.

Height / Weight:
The young are 20 to 22 cm, adults reach 45 to 100 cm (usually 60-80 cm), males being smaller.

A terrarium of 60x40x40 to 80x40x40 cm is sufficient for a specimen. Individuals are housed separately this species can be ophiophage.
The ground covered with beech shavings or chips). A hiding place. A small bowl of water used for watering stable. Artificial plants. The heating is spread over half of the terrarium. Lighting.

Terrestrial and burrowing. However he also likes to climb, a small branch is welcome. It is still not aggressive enough nerve. Attention is the king's escape!

From 25 to 28 ° C. • the day
20-22 ° C. •: at night

Small but good ventilation can prevent excessive moisture.

Mouse medium to normal depending on the size of the snake. One to two mice every two weeks is enough.
Fetus to juveniles.


Sexual maturity is reached at two years. We practice a total of hibernation two months at 10-12 ° C in complete darkness. Housed in boxes filled with a thick layer of soft substrate. Of course this requires preparation hibernation. If done in December-January, the preparation is done in the month of September. In September and October, the animals are fed abundantly. The first two weeks of November they are put to the young, the last two will be devoted to sex in temperature.
After the return to normal activity, it is absolutely necessary to feed the animals before attempting any coupling. Be expected breeding moult before putting them together and if possible between 2 and 5 days after a meal because of union of Lampropeltis is always a risk because of their cannibalistic habits.

3-10 eggs

About 40 days at 28-29 ° C.

about 60 days.

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Date d'inscription : 11/06/2013
Localisation : loiret

MessageSujet: Re: Lampropeltis PYROMELANA   Lun 23 Juin - 18:36

Bonjour , je m'appelle Vincent , chez 13ans. Je voudrais savoir , combien mesure environ un lampropeltis pyromelana femelle adulte. Plus , combien de temps ,peut vivre cette espèce.
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Lampropeltis PYROMELANA
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